Comcast SportsNet Maximizes Converging Newsrooms

To work in the reporting world today it is absolutely necessary that you be experienced and knowledgeable of how a converging newsroom functions.

With the advent of the Internet, and such sites as Twitter and online blogs, “there is no such thing as first anymore,” said Comcast SportsNet’s online editor Chris Clark. According to Chris, newsrooms today are completely different even from those of the early 90’s.

When Clark started in this business the “Internet literally just started.”

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Online Interactive Storytelling

In today’s ever-advancing world of technology, sports reporting has largely become virtual.
With the launch of ESPN, the Internet and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, ‘news you need to know’ occurs and is reported on instantaneously with sports.
 To stay recent & relevant sports reporters tend to have the best results with online mobile reporting techniques.

Online reporting and “Legacy” Newsrooms

As technology continues to enhance, the ways that reporters can present news to the public have changed immensely.

For news organizations that not only utilize one medium but two or more, the same story can be seen in various different ways and for longer periods of time.

There was a time when sports reporters would attend a sporting event, the radio would live broadcast the event and their story would appear the next day in the newspaper. Maybe the paper would get passed around for a week or so but that would be the end of the story.

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Unsung Chicago: Woman Made Gallery


Woman Made Gallery in Chicago’s River West neighborhood opened its “Bare Essentials: Minimalism in the 21st Century” exhibit this month, featuring women artists working within the minimalism framework.

Beate Minkovski and Kelly Hensen, two Northeastern Illinois University art students, founded Woman Made Gallery (WMG), in 1992.

In the early sixties Minkovski studied sculpting and ceramics at the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Germany. Then in 1984 she went on to study painting and Illustration at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, followed by earning her Bachelors Degree in Art from Northeastern Illinois University.

This was a piece of art from the Bare Essential: Minimalism in the 21st Century exhibit at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago By: Laura Jo Clanton

At the end of her senior year, the graduates “had to mount an exhibit and do all the things that are related to that,” said Minkovski.

She and Kelly Hensen “decided on artwork that shows how woman are portrayed throughout history: from the Virgin Mary to a sex blow-up doll man made in Hong-Kong. The exhibition addressed women’s position in patriarchal societies, including imagery on body/beauty, sexuality/reproduction, inequality and violence against women.”

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Chinatown’s Pui Tak Center Serves As A Gateway for New Immigrants in Chicago

View Slideshow on the Pui Tak Center in Chicago Chinatown.

By Laura Jo Clanton, Rhonda Alexander and Tiffany Boncan

“They come here to learn, and they come here to make friends.”

The Pui Tak Center, located in Chicago’s historic Chinatown neighborhood, answers this call, according to Transition Services Coordinator Sandy Louie.

The Chinese Christian Union Church founded this community center, and it is located one block south of Pui Tak, on Wentworth Avenue.

Nearly 800 students from 16-80 years old, attend classes to their assimilation process, free of charge. State and federal grants fund these classes.

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