Storify Coverage of Blackhawks vs. Blues Division Game

The St. Louis Blues visited Chicago for a Division game with the Blackhawks at the United Center, Sunday, with Chicago earning a 3-1 victory over St. Louis.

This game was a pivotal match-up for both teams, with one coming off a nine-game road trip and anther heading into a seven-game run away from home. The Blackhawks, who managed to secure two wins before returning to Chicago, were looking for their third to maintain their momentum. The Blues, on the flip side, needed a win to propel them through this stretch away from home.

Although St. Louis managed to come out strong in the first period and secure a goal and lead that would carry them through the first two periods, the Blackhawks home ice advantage would come through in the end to land them three goals in the third period.

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Comcast SportsNet Maximizes Converging Newsrooms

To work in the reporting world today it is absolutely necessary that you be experienced and knowledgeable of how a converging newsroom functions.

With the advent of the Internet, and such sites as Twitter and online blogs, “there is no such thing as first anymore,” said Comcast SportsNet’s online editor Chris Clark. According to Chris, newsrooms today are completely different even from those of the early 90’s.

When Clark started in this business the “Internet literally just started.”

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