Online Interactive Storytelling

In today’s ever-advancing world of technology, sports reporting has largely become virtual.
With the launch of ESPN, the Internet and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, ‘news you need to know’ occurs and is reported on instantaneously with sports.
 To stay recent & relevant sports reporters tend to have the best results with online mobile reporting techniques.
Additionally, online reporting allows for there to be more elements incorporated into the story from interactive slide shows, maps, in-depth databases and packages on topics that will last for years.
Here I am going to look at Texas A&M University and how the many websites that feature stories on them have found ways to creatively use the online reporting techniques available to the modern day reporter.
The official Aggie Athleticssite for Texas A&M University is a good example of how a site can capitalize on available interactive tools.

When you first arrive at the site, the page is a slideshow of various sports making headlines for that day or that week, along with a short news statement and links to more information.

Additionally there are links to other documents, such as notes on the past games, and a database for Aggies in the NFL.

This site is able to tell the story visually and interactively while making a statement on the front page that will entice the reader to read more.

On they are able to maximize space and interactivity with polls, twitter feeds, facebook connections, live blogs, message boards and an abundance of feature stories on any and all Texas A&M sports. This site takes full advantage of reader participation.

TexAgs, is an independent site that although unaffiliated with the University is rooted in the community and the local radio station. TexAgs Radio is a popular citywide station that covers all things Texas A&M.

This site also incorporates the TAMU twitter feed to its page, links to rankings, statistics, schedules for teams and Rosters.

This site is geared more towards reader input on stories and visual aids, rather than interactive devices but is able to include the audience in the discussion and push the stories to the niche audience via features, twitter, forums and radio broadcasts.

And lastly is the Bleacher Report, which I am including although it is not a site designated to Texas A&M like the other sites. The Bleacher Report claims to be the US’s fourth largest sports media site.

The Bleacher report is by far the most interactive of the media storytellers I have discussed here. The sites cover sports ranging from Football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer and even UFC.

This site looks at Pro and collegiate level sports, polls, videos, feature stories, twitter and facebook connections and photos. Although there is lack of databases or visual maps and tag clouds, this sites crowning element is its comprehensive coverage and visual storytelling.

Here are four different sites and many different media tools and techniques that can be used to tell a story. Some with similar focuses but all do one thing in common. They cover sports in an interactive way that has redefined the way we tell stories about sports.


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