Linebacker Darryl Sharpton hit the field

Darryl Sharpton

Darryl Sharpton

Linebacker Darryl Sharpton hit the field Wed for 1st time in 2012, after suffering an injury against the Jaquars in 2011.
Although still on the PUP list he is hopeful that he is making big strides to returning to the field. Follow the link to read more in an article by @NickScurfield


Six SRPH Regents Professors in Six Consecutive Years

K.C. Donnelly, Ph.D.

K.C. Donnelly, Ph.D.

K.C. Donnelly, Ph.D., former professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) School of Rural Public Health, was one of six faculty members to receive the prestigious Regents Professor Award.  (Dr. Donnelly passed away in 2009.) In fact, during the past six consecutive years, TAMHSC-School of Rural Public Health faculty have received this distinguished award, including Larry Gamm, Ph.D., Kenneth McLeroy, Ph.D., Marcia Ory, Ph.D., Charles Phillips, Ph.D., M.P.H., and Catherine Hawes, Ph.D.

Established in 1996, the Regents Professor Award is bestowed annually by The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents in recognition of awardees’ exemplary contributions to their university or agency and to the people of Texas. Since its adoption, 144 faculty members from universities, agencies and the Texas A&M Health Science Center across the A&M System have been recognized with the award.

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We’re Crude, We’re Tattooed, Get Used To It: Why We Need Tattoo Visibility in the Media « In Our Words

We’re Crude, We’re Tattooed, Get Used To It: Why We Need Tattoo Visibility in the Media « In Our Words.


Fabulous article about acceptance and changing perspectives. Tattoos are symbols of our identity and announce to the world who we are and who we want to be. Read this article and subscribe to In Our Words blog. Very insightful.

Storify Coverage of Blackhawks vs. Blues Division Game

The St. Louis Blues visited Chicago for a Division game with the Blackhawks at the United Center, Sunday, with Chicago earning a 3-1 victory over St. Louis.

This game was a pivotal match-up for both teams, with one coming off a nine-game road trip and anther heading into a seven-game run away from home. The Blackhawks, who managed to secure two wins before returning to Chicago, were looking for their third to maintain their momentum. The Blues, on the flip side, needed a win to propel them through this stretch away from home.

Although St. Louis managed to come out strong in the first period and secure a goal and lead that would carry them through the first two periods, the Blackhawks home ice advantage would come through in the end to land them three goals in the third period.

Visit my Storify  and you will see the coverage of this game from fans like yourself as well as reporters and media whom you respect. Follow the coverage here and maybe find some new faces to follow in your own sports curating adventure.


Consol Crushes Vikings in Uneventful Cross Town Showdown

Despite their long standing rivalry the Consol Tigers had no trouble landing a crushing blow to their next-door neighbors, the Bryan Vikings Friday night.

The A&M Consolidated high school girls soccer team pulled off a sweeping 4-0 victory over Bryan High School in the 2012 cross-town showdown game Friday night at Bryan’s home field.

As I sit in the stands at Bryan’s Merrill Green Stadium, my attention is draw towards the lack of Bryan fans gracing the crowd. Not only is there just one side of the gigantic stadium even open for seating, but also the crowd barely takes up 3 sections.

Two things were made clear to me from this game: that success relies heavily on support from your community, and that any sport in Texas that is not football, is not guaranteed the same level of coverage and attention.

The cross-town game between Bryan and College Station is the sporting event that is the most anticipated game of the regular season for every sport.

This rivalry between the two schools has “been pumped into them since they were ittie bittie,” said Coach Pettibone.

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