Respect Others…It’s That Simple

Where is the line?

At what point does a light hearted joke go too far?

We hear a lot about how people feel confined in today’s #MeToo era. People are concerned with every word they say and feel like they have to walk on egg shells.

But…is that a bad thing?

Why shouldn’t people take the time to consider what they say before they say it? Or, if you say something in the heat of the moment that you shouldn’t, like we all do, apologize and acknowledge that it was wrong.

Words have meaning.

Whether it comes from a man or a woman doesn’t really matter. What we say matters. How we say things matters.

As women we need to support the women around us and lift them up. We are all different and we take different paths in our lives, all of which are completely valid. We don’t have to view the world the same, take the same paths, or even agree on each others choices to respect each other and the choices they make.


It isn’t our life, we don’t have to walk that path or live in those shoes. It isn’t our place to condemn how that person chooses to wake up and walk through their day.

Now, as a friend we can give advice, we can have concerns and express those. However, this isn’t done by making someone feel inferior or by putting them down. This is done with love and with consideration and tact.

We can all stand to show a little more respect to the people around us, whether the are a man or a woman, a child, doesn’t matter. We are all human beings doin the best we can with the life we have.

This life is hard and we don’t have to make it harder for each other.

Show people the respect you would want.

It is that simple.

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