Chinatown’s Pui Tak Center Serves As A Gateway for New Immigrants in Chicago

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By Laura Jo Clanton, Rhonda Alexander and Tiffany Boncan

“They come here to learn, and they come here to make friends.”

The Pui Tak Center, located in Chicago’s historic Chinatown neighborhood, answers this call, according to Transition Services Coordinator Sandy Louie.

The Chinese Christian Union Church founded this community center, and it is located one block south of Pui Tak, on Wentworth Avenue.

Nearly 800 students from 16-80 years old, attend classes to their assimilation process, free of charge. State and federal grants fund these classes.

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Gapers Block: Redesign and Re-Envision

Andrew Huff Photo

Andrew Huff speaks to DePaul students on April 4, 2011 (Photo by Mike Reilley)

By Laura Jo Clanton

Andrew Huff, a Chicago journalist, professional blogger and online copywriter, recently discussed the decision to redesign the layout of his popular blog site, Gapers Block.

Huff and fellow writer and website designer, Naz Hamid, co-founded Gapers Block in 2003 as the “first city blog in Chicago,” said Huff.

“There wasn’t anything online to capture the interesting things going on in Chicago.”

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