Ellen explains “Bic for her” pens…for us women who struggle with the average male pen.

The popular pen company, Bic,  comes out with a new product! Bic Pens, for her !! I’m not sure what Bic thought they would accomplish with a product like this ( more sales to women or young girls?) What worries me more is the message this sends to both men and women. That the colors pink and purple are only for her? Or that women require a different pen than men to properly write, or that traditional pen design is uncomfortable to write with for women?

Watch Ellen explain this ridiculous product in spot on accuracy! http://youtu.be/eCyw3prIWhc



Texans talk Victory over Bears

Follow the link to hear several Texans comment on their victory over Chicago http://ow.ly/fdPpL

Texans vs. Bears

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) CBS Chicago Image – Brian Urlacher #54 of the Chicago Bears hits Garrett Graham #88 of the Houston Texans at Soldier Field on November 11, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. The Texans defeated the Bears 13-6

You might be a feminist….and you don’t even know it!

“You don’t have to be hostile towards men to be a feminist. Feminism is a word to describe the idea that people, regardless of their sex, gender, race or personal identity, should be treated equally.”
Feminism isn’t this big scary image of bra burning and man hating. Times change and people need to change with it. Follow this link to read more from Mariann Devlin & @InOurWordsBlog http://ow.ly/f9WV1

Taylor Swift